About Catalyst Homeopathy

Angela Walker  BSc. RSHom. CCH.

I was introduced to homeopathy in 1986 while researching Cancer at the Institute of Cancer research in London. Much of the establishment research at that time, as now, was exploring the genetics of cancer which make up only a small part of the exploding cancer picture . Ideas about individual  lifestyle and environmental factors , important in the initiaton and progression of cancers were not something that I was involved with.  This frustrated me as I felt that much of the research was showing the massive influences of the environment on cancer incidence throughout the world. As a result I began to study homeopathy as its sound scientific principles and philosophy were inclusive of this new thinking.

Before becoming a homeopath, I trained as a scientist, graduating with a Batchelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom before working for twelve years in academic medical research.

The areas of research that I was involved in were; human genetics at the University of Saarlandes West Germany, then at the Institute for Cancer Research in London (cancer research) , the National Heart and Lung Institute, Royal Brompton Hospital , London (Allergy and Immunology research) and the Medical Research Council , Mill Hill, London (cell adhesion and signalling) .

I qualified as a Licensed Homeopath in 1990 in the United Kingdom from the College of Homeopathy, Regents College, London. I obtained my professional Registration with the UK Society of Homeopaths in 1999.

From 1990 to 2000 I ran a successful Homeopathic practice in the UK  practicing in the Hertfordshire/ Bedfordshire area at premises in St Albans, Hitchin, Dunstable and Barton-le-Clay.

In my homeopathic practice in the UK I saw a wide variety of clients, but one area of particular interest was the field of childrens health issues. In the 1990s  there was an  observable increase  in the incidence of a number of chronic health issues in our children. New research is leading to better understanding of the sensitivity of the developing brain, body and immune system to insults from internal (diet, medications etc) and external (pesticides, mercury etc) environmental agents. As a result of this new understanding the delicate balance of the human body and its internal and external environment from  pre birth and beyond is implicated in the future health of the  individual. Homeopathy treats this delicate balance with the respect that it deserves, it seeks a gentle way to help the body resolve ailments and adapt to a changing environment without compromising future health.

I have studied Nutritional strategies for healing, (ITEC diet and nutrition course for complementary practitioners) . I have also extensively researched vaccination issues and natural detoxification strategies.  

In addition, I have trained with homeopaths in Calcutta, India and have experience of using homeopathy in a rural Indian setting.

Since coming to the US I have continued to broaden my knowledge of nutrition and of environmental heavy metal toxicity  and have attended many courses and conferences (DAN). I have also continued to develop my skills as a Homeopath and have achieved accreditation status in the US as a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH) with the Center for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) and I am registered with the North American  society of homeopaths. (NASH). My most recent area of research has been the study Of Gemmotherapy and its use in detoxification and regeneration of cells.
I have  always been a keen environmental advocate and was drawn to the natural laws of health and disease that govern the body that have been studied by many ancient cultures for centuries. 

As a Homeopath I believe in treating the whole person within a holistic view of his or her life situation and that this is the best way to lead to positive health changes. Homeopathic remedies are used to strengthen the natural mechanisms that we all have to fight disease. I use the homeopathic 'case taking' in order to evaluate the entire picture and suggest lifestyle adjustments as and when necessary.