Homeopathic consultation

The Homeopathic consultation

The casetaking

The homeopath first listens carefully to your description of your health problem, then asks questions to gain the detailed and precise information needed to select the best remedy to match your symptoms from those available in the materia medica: the catalog of homeopathic remedies.

In acute ailments, the homeopath does not need to go into such great depth. Remedies can act very quickly in acute illnesses, sometimes within minutes.

In long term or chronic ailments, homeopathic treatment seeks to discover the underlying cause of a person’s condition. In order to achieve this, an in-depth consultation is required, which explores the details of medical , familial and life history as well as information about diet and other environmental stresses and exposures.

Questions about your mental physical and emotional health along with diet preferences, climate preferences, your wellbeing at different times of day, will all be explored. Your emotional responses to life events will also be discussed and any fears or phobia or recurrent dream patterns.

Follow up consultations

These are important to evaluate the reaction to the remedy. Each individual reacts differently and it is important to be in contact with your homeopath if there are any changes in your symptoms after remedy.  If there  is no apparent reaction to the remedy after a number of days it is suggested that you contact your homeopath for re -evaluation of the information used for remedy selection.